Here are a few examples of data visualization and illustration that I’ve done, using a combination of Google code, javascript, Flash, Adobe Illustrator and tools like Prezi.

Here’s an infographic about foreclosures in L.A. County. This was part of a four-part series I just finished.

And a javascript-based glossary on the same topic:

HIV in South Africa infographic. I did an internship in South Africa during the summer of 2010. When I wasn’t swept up in the World Cup fever, I was able to do several interesting stories from the townships there. Among them was this one about the new methods the government is undertaking to fight HIV infections, and we published it on World AIDS Day. To go with it, I made this infographic. Click here for a larger sized graphic. Graphic by Olga Khazan Here is a Prezi on the tools an accent coach uses to teach her students how to “sound American”

I’ve also made some data visualizations using Many Eyes. Here’s one that went with a story about Afghanistan.


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